Whole Pack

by Tony Diamonds

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Tony Diamonds made this track for you to blaze to! Please check it out and let him know what you think! Download it for free today and burn one for ya boy!


- i need my art to be vibrant and stuff/ so
every two seconds i'm lightin shit up
dont need no lean i recline when i puff
when smokin that loud i be quiet as fuck
-hang wit my patnas i chief on a bleezy/ wont
cleaned up my act n i'm keepin it greasy
believe it is easy to roll up a swisher
sweezy thats how i'm completing each evening
-time to burn again got that permagrin
squinting my eyes like i'm checkin on somethin
im comin correct hella blunted
still never be outta breath when i'm runnin
-Hah! me n the homies a go thru a 5pac
a swishers in one night
tdc in cypher sessions we blessin the mic n mo lit than some floodlights

-pull the brocolli out the bag like its groceries now
we gone blaze a whole sack w the homies now
-fill that empty cigarillos wit some dro please now
we gone smoke a whole pack w the homies now

just came from the liquor sto
went to the studio
we rollin up its nothin tho
we got it for the low

-i be the first to give no fucks
then stuff in mo herbs than a roast duck/ you
know its that durbin we rolls up
you ain't even GOTTA see it close up
-ya'll a be glad when i show up
this type a gas aint gone blow up
we all gone have to just roll up
n blaze it all rapidly so what
-i sample from wax but dab slow tho
pull out sax no jazz solo
roasted up w my fam fo sho
watch ya back its like mad popo
-im da one smellin like loud on the train
i prefer coloring outside the frame
pack in that gas and i douse it in flame
anyone else'a pass out from the strain


released June 27, 2016



all rights reserved


Three Dimensional Crew Santa Cruz, California

Contact: TDCGoonsquad@threedimensionalcrew.com
In the mid-2000s, rapper/producer Tony Diamonds met up and coming rapper John Dough, and the Three Dimensional Crew was formed. After 150 songs, multiple new members and several albums, they are still going strong and constantly producing new music. They've released several albums & performed with notable fanfare in Santa Cruz and the Bay Area ... more


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