TDC Official Performance Mixtape Vol. 2

by Three Dimensional Crew

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Three Dimensional Crew improves upon their last performance mixtape with this new joint! Enjoy your favorite local Santa Cruz heroes as they team up with other dope rappers from around the world to create a great selection of songs. Tide yourself over until our next official release!


released June 1, 2015

Raps by John Dough, Tyl3r Durd3n and Tony Diamonds. Beats by Tony Diamonds. Mixed by Tony Diamonds and B-Shag Hennessy for Ghost House Productions. TDC tag logo by ATARI



all rights reserved


Three Dimensional Crew Santa Cruz, California

In the mid-2000s, rapper/producer Tony Diamonds met up and coming rapper John Dough, and the Three Dimensional Crew was formed. After 150 songs, multiple new members and several albums, they are still going strong and constantly producing new music. They've released several albums & performed with notable fanfare in Santa Cruz and the Bay Area ... more


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Track Name: Off The Cuff
Always on track now we off the cuff
How often do we do it, fool? Often enough!
Always on track now we off the cuff
How often do we do it, fool? Often enough!

Born Identity - How could you even know me
When I can't remember me? All I do is react
Storm of the century, Beats about to attack
I hold on and batten down the hatch
Snares the punches, kicks the kicks
Cymbals to the temple and I'm losin' my shit
Keys to the knees, bitch
Bass to the... ASS! Pass the grass to the face

My flow is instantaneous, I'm eloquent and dangerous
Comin with the haze, Yeah my brainstorm's are rainiest
My mind is insane-iest, insidious
Pinky and the brain-iest, Leviticus
Comin out deranged on this, Yea I like to paint a pict'
Runnin out a guzzled fifths, Cuttin' class to subtle ditch
Smokin on that double dip, Rubbin on that bubble butt
Don't give a double fuck, Always been the ruggedest,
Bitches in love with this

Always on track now we off the cuff
How often do we do it, fool? Often enough!
Always on track now we off the cuff
How often do we do it, fool? Often enough!

Time for the back and forth from some shiesty rappers
Microphone maniacs and unsightly bastards
Watch ya back, do your best to evade the hazards
Dastardly feats - we the masters
Hidden in the rafters, hittin you with the blasters
Yeah we always shine like uranium reactors

I seen yo' girl in some yoga pants and popped a boner
Got to know her debated whether or not to show her
Kept the marijuana sack next to socks in drawers
Now its all over the table and all on the floor
Almost tripped over a nug tryna cop a brewski
In the studio bathroom, don't drop a deuce-ski
Hoe broke, super stoked that she got to do me
Before she bounced, she thanked me for the opportunity!