Random Calrissian

by Three Dimensional Crew

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A compilation of some tracks we had posted, and some new tracks. This is also the first album that we didn't make as loud as humanly possible - try turning this one up loud! It should sound way less harsh than a lot of the other hip hop releases you may hear these days.


released August 6, 2013



all rights reserved


Three Dimensional Crew Santa Cruz, California

Contact: TDCGoonsquad@threedimensionalcrew.com
In the mid-2000s, rapper/producer Tony Diamonds met up and coming rapper John Dough, and the Three Dimensional Crew was formed. After 150 songs, multiple new members and several albums, they are still going strong and constantly producing new music. They've released several albums & performed with notable fanfare in Santa Cruz and the Bay Area ... more


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Track Name: It's No Joustin' Wit Me
-tony diamonds, you know i sport a big condom
it's like a parachute, prayin it don't rip on em
-my family jewels matter, so lick on em
and all these new rappers? my dick spawned em
-thats why its no joustin with me
today i rocked some dunks from 2003
-steady up and i'm never comin down from the peak
so if you scared of heights then stay up outta my tree
-speakin of which you know im down with the quick swisher
i tested clean girl i won't inflict blisters
-turn the party orgy with some trick twister
only 21 and up, not your kid sister
-hell yea! commence the debauchery
"back in the days" ya mom showed her crotch to me
-i got pissed cause she stepped on my Saucony's
in her defense though, she handled a lot of D

-i got rugged hits, i got smooth hits
i got old hits, to the new hits
-and every time around, i improve wit
the way i lay it down, i don't play around
-ok.... a little, maybe just a little
when i take these rhymes and lace em with riddles
-like... ain't no time to run around and dribble
on the outside, i'm comin straight for the middle
-mouth open wide like a baby for nipples
unless its "got damn feed this lady some kibbles"
-then i zig zag, yo i'm shady and nimble
"can i get a bite" bitch maybe a nibble
-you oughtta understand, cause frankly its simple
i'm the type a man you should try to resemble
-check the master plan yea i got it assembled
to be an icon, the money's merely a symbol, yea
Track Name: Blaze It And Rap
-blaze it and rap blaze it and rap
blaze it and rap blaze it and rap
-blaze it and rap blaze it and rap
blaze it and rap blaze it and rap

-smoove gangstas, high in a cadillac
tryin' battle me you know i'm finna battle back
-though the cops are interested wont get arrested
man i never buy an herb if i didn't test it
-REJECTED! if there are no glistening crystals
otherwise i'm takin' hits like a fist-full
-when im described, its usually with a bleezy
and rippin' rhymes with my mind shit is easy


off of
-blunts? I'm steady takin pulls like wenches
used to get my sacks from a fool that pinches
-now er'day take a zip to the dome piece
blazin Voltron as I dip from the police
-two of my hobbies are to blaze it and rap
cookin up a beat Bobby Flay with a sack
-my bowls like yo' jumpshot, I blatantly pack
ormiss with the hit then i flagrantly hack


-I'm comin thru straight blazed out
get ya haze out, wack strains get phased out
-set to fade now, but never fade out
get ya blunts and ya papes out
-tryna lock me up? i'm finna break out
you can't cage me bitch i blaze daily
-and lately? i'm gettin fed up
i wish the muthafuckin feds would just let up

Track Name: Reverse Jack Move
-reverse jack move takin all yall bank
-then we celebrate smokin all yall dank
- give a **** what all yall thank
- below us is where all yall rank

-i feel famous, (i can't contain it)
i find haters lame shit (entertainment)
-but they quickly get gaffled (then we blaze it)
jackmoveeee, (it's the latest craze kid)
-when the cops roll thru (then we blameless)
tried the basics (but couldn't infiltrate this)
-eyes low (but i don't need a facelift)
no patience (don't make me demonstrate this!)

hook x 2

-Played the track and thought what you heard was fables
but try to jack and Ima have to turn the tables
-always hatin, its prolly how you earned the label
keep talkin and watch me stab you thru the fuckin navel
-"shady as fuck, playa" guess you never got the cable
otherwise you unwilling and unable
-to understand I'm unfeeling and unstable
i made you and at any moment could un-make you
-my compositions are breakin apart the competition
blazin shots and i'm takin em all with raw precision
-we on a mission, turnin down any opposition
if you a hater, yo, we made it so you all could listen

hook x 2


-BREAK DOWN, ima break down these haters/you candy
mothafuckas had it comin now or later
-thats what ya get for makin judgements without the data
ima blow up ya spot, and make ya house a crater
-even though i got fans and my crews amazin'
cant put up a track without some dudes thats hatin
-hate to burst ya bubble, now who's deflated/cuz
they had me seein red like when i choose to blaze it
-i think they talkin all that shit cuz they havin doubts
tryna fit in, and hatin cuz i'm standin out
-but you never see diamonds on that normal ish/ your hatin can't
change the fact/that my raps/ are immortal bitch

hook x 2

-"people love talkin but they ain't intelligent"
"suckas hate, everyday, cuz i do my thing"
Track Name: Tony Diamonds - Ill
-lets dispense with the formalities/ i try to affect
records like exercise to calories
-in this rap universe you get respect with salary
i wanna help contribute and retexturize the galaxy, you know that shit is
-(ILL) tryna find hip hop's plymouth rock
turns out it's vintage stock, respected guys are pals of me
-you not the livin truth, you the livin crock ifya pop
off written schlock 'bout a prison block you not
-(ILL) i'll draw it out for you and vectorize/ that
kind of blindness does more than just infect the eyes
-reflected in affected rhymes like eating fruit and
neglecting to wash the pesticides but it never stands the test of time
-the text i write, i create anew/ save to my
desktop, open it later and - ecclectic lines!
-just cuz they rap it doesn't make it true
a runny nose and stuffy head doesn't make it flu
Track Name: Tony diamonds - Hungry
-i'd never say the n-word in my raps/
why say a rap where i'd deserve to be slapped?
-instead, i'm writin straight from the head i hope you'll
patiently wait for me painstakingly making this bread/ rippin
-a microphone fittin to light a bone sistine
chapel rap hidden inside the dome
-no cross on the back, just an apostle of rap
the last watch on the rack; gettin some time alone
-fuck a hoodie *I* go over my head
then dumb down my raps to understand what I said/ if you
-doubters believe me, busted out with the ouija/
it said to pack a tool and i doubt its a squeegie/ holla'd
-at pac and i shouted out eazy/ but i'm
tryna eat my food like wit'OUT gettin greasy
-i get ideas from bone thugs, on drugs
still got a pair a' tims never owned lugz
Track Name: Ha Ha HaHaHa
R&B Ya See, all that's coo but
R&B Ya See, all that's coo but
R&B Ya See, all that's coo but
Hip Hop and rap yea that's where my hearts at

-Ha Ha hahahaaaa!
Hip Hop and rap yea that's where my hearts at

-got it stitched up like the jump man symbol
life complicated but the funks mad simple
-doin mind tricks just tryna be the nicest
way before the force and the death star crisis
-i rhyme from the top but the incline's steep,
and i write all the time even in my sleep
-mutha fuckas hate on everything i release
until i'm waitin for em after work with the piece
-its hank mccoy bitch you know i'm goin beast
warmin up the crowd got em covered like a fleece
-when im finna rap the intensity increase
flint thirteens not a single fuckin crease
-passin out sleepin on these rappers buenas noches
puffin on swisher that's assembled outta roaches
-plugged in steady gettin buzz high voltage


-i got soul, that's why i'm always breakin the mold
as the years roll we let the scroll unfold
-and the lyrics will show, what we reveal is the realness
believe me when you hear it, you'll know
-each beat is a unique piece of the pie
or a slice, ya'll reach for the sky
-cause ima take you on a ride when i come around
and ya'll liable to lose ya lunch when you comin down
-yo chill out here take a puff, you nautious
talk about time there ain't no time to be cautious
-people complainin, that shit is obnoxious
step in my shoes mothafucka and walk this
-ima artist, nonstop trekkin
takin it the farthest, won't stop steppin
-into the darkness yo, i keep stretchin
found all the answers, then i keep guessin

Track Name: Put It Down
-You comin' wack on the mic you needa put it down
smokin crack outta pipe you needa put it down
-livin past all the hype I put it down
to the last of my life I put it down

-JOHN DOUGH yea i put it down
mc's make way when i come around
-Let's Go! follow me out
of the atmosphere, there's no longer a doubt
-we could rise above you fake jakes takin my papes
shoulda listened to my crew bitch we raisin the stakes
-we keep the riddim true never lettin it waste
first on the podium yea we takin a place
-to my people: I still pay what i owe to them
and on the mic i'm finna say what I know to them

-the heat is obvious, peep the opulence
flows problematic like a fleet of romulans
-TONY DIAMONDS and elite's synonymous
please don't ever settle and just be anonymous
-me against the world? i'll defeat the populous
roll a swisher sweet then i greet the audience
- every time i get a beat, i body it
haters talk shit then retreat to copy it
-gettin paid wit the homie john dough sonny
mo money mo money mo money

-always comin thru with cash when i put it down
everybody know i mash when i put it down
-everybody hit the gas when i put it down
everybody finna dash when i put it down

-stop comin wack, if that's how you do it
either grab the mic and let it flow like fluid
-or put it down, darn it, for pete's sake
its no wonder we gotta repeat it on each break
-anyways, i could go on for days
about people and their ignorant ways
-and my crew we never follow a phase
we continue through all - unphased!
-leave a crowd in stitches - all amazed
and walk away with the mic after i put it down

-verse 2, unless i reform the order
art class, i used to ignore the borders
-i remember pops used to holla keep it down
when that 808 hit, you could peep the frown/but
-i prefer rugged tracks so my beats tough
when i spit a fuckin rap its unique stuff
-independent, not an overgrown vulture
i be chippin suckas off like a stone sculpture
-i be airin haters out they get ventilated/ that's
number one like number two they get eliminated

-put it down X 8